Protesting for Life!


To protest is something familiar to me since I became aware of injustices installed in our political, economic and social realms in our national and international systems, and from my conversion to Christ in Latin America, in Ecuador and in Central America, most in time when Anastasio Somoza was the dictator of Nicaragua for almost 60 years, oppressing the Nicaraguans with the approval and supporting of the USA governments.

During the time that I been living here, in the USA, I discovered that the monstrosity of racism is a whole packet of white dictatorship for centuries in this land, which practically exterminated natives, and submitted black people to the most inferior condition of human and slavery and dominion.

In that way, while I was watching and listening to this African American protesting with dignity, with valor, passionate, and systematizing his controversial own life for living in a country that he loves, but also questioning those rules of injustices, made me feel that I am again in another anti-dictatorship revolution, this time in the center of the democracy of the world, as it is proclaimed through medias, and in all speeches of national leaders, including churches. We the citizen of USA, are champions of democracy, human rights, and civil rights; this is what it is proclaimed every day. No one in this country sais something different; no easy we could see white people protesting about a system costumed to lynch Negros in our midst because is part of our democratic system – (affirmation with question mark = ?! It is this a real democracy, or we must work to improve it, to make changes, adjustments, transformations?)

This is exactly a sign of a dictatorship that civil population uses to see as a normal way to be; this mechanism of oppression looks like a normal part of our life in a democracy, which was exactly the symptom of Nicaraguans citizens during the empire of Somoza’ reign. Oppression, dominion, lynching, to inferiorize people is “the normal,” to protest is something “ridiculous,” “absurd,” or in other hands to question the system use to be linked by the oppressors with rebelliousness, terrorism, etc., just in order to minimize the power of the protesting voices of the people. A typical signal of dictatorship.

When I hear a man like the man of our video above my life and consciousness come to be refreshed, empowered, committed again with the causes of the oppressed.

What this speech do is to help us to understand the historical present of the whiteness dictatorship as the core of racism and the marginalization of black people in the USA.


5 thoughts on “Protesting for Life!

  1. What a powerful movie! He is obviously impassioned, yet very coherent and logical. He answers many questions and foresees many common objections to his argument. And he does so, out of his own personal experience. That’s power.

    Where is your exegesis, Tito? I’d love to read what YOU have to say.

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  2. Tito
    Your blog is very nice and I like your biography. The video was very compelling and provided another perspective. Thanks. But what are your thoughts on the video?

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