Capitalism and Christianity. Making a match?

In what part it matches? How to make it match?

If the capitalism is based on the appropriation and privatization of the economy-factors of production, land, capital, technology; and if its profit is based on the exploitation of labor traded it by a salary; and the owners of the meaning factors of production enriched its wealthy fortune by the plus-value produced by the workers; if while the workers produces wealth and is alienated from it and still poor forever; if the disparity of the distribution of wealth produces social- gaps between rich and poor in a constant growing process, creating cascades of social injustices that affect mainly to vulnerable sectors of societies; where or how we can match those perse antagonistic concepts?

On the contrary, Christianity was founded on the ideal that God’s kingdom, the kingdom of justice of Jesus of Nazareth is already at our hands to defy all injustices, slavery, exploitation, humiliations, marginalization, oppression and exclusion of poor, women, children, terminal-ill people, elders, queer, and all of those who are ignored by any economy and political structures.

It is reasonable that there is not perfect justice in any model of an economy system, but everyone is constantly in a process to engage justice for everybody, with especial emphasis in favor of the poor by the prophetic action of the church. That dialectical process results from the prophetic action of Christianity who is permanently judging, denouncing, demanding, facilitating, advising, promoting and celebrating all signal of justice in capitalism, or in any other model, as Socialism, or Communism, which are also on the table of Christianity for a critical analisys with the ethic of justice, to provoke equelity, inclussion, with the prophetic virtue of the spirit of God present in the church-pastoral-prophetic-activism, because the demanding of justice is essential to Christianity who believe that social justice is the collective expression of love, precisely the love of God.

The entire bible was written on the ideal of justice should comes to Israel to judge the unjust system of the nation imposed by its governments in turn, and to announce the God’s will presence in the Law and Prophets. No book, no scripture talks something different, no one approves a system of exploitation or any other form of injustices. On the contrary, all prophets announce and demand justice that would come soon to establish the kingdom of God. This is the theology of liberation of the poor in any system and in any time of the human history, yesterday, today and forever in its eschatological journey until the end of the time.

It is unquestionable that economy touches all areas of social existence, and it is impossible to unlink it from politic; both are marching together in our human life parade. There is politic in everything, and in every human action politic is intrinsic and irrenunciable. Democritus stated, “The man is zoon-politicon;”  “the man is a political-animal”. In all social decision politic play the maximum role establishing the rule of the game between all the sectors of our society. Those rule could work in favor of everybody in common, or could privilege some or a specific social sector as has been occurring during the last century, making opening the gap between rich and poor, producing dominant and submitted people. In this line capitalism is not only an economy system but both together, it is the composition of the economy-political powers that reigns to imposes dominion over others; creating a model of society where few are beneficiaries and reign, while the massive of the population are poor and remains poor as the “free-army-of laborer” to sustain the hard part of the production in organized factories, which sucks out the energy, talent, soul and creativity of workers just for a salary. The cruelty in this process remains in the constant and systemic ideologization that this exploitation and alienation is the natural, normal, logic, and legal.

Maybe, is in this part where “Christianity”  could make some encounters, neither matching, when as a religion-system become to legitimatize capitalism using the scripture as an ideological support and perpetuation with premises, like “this is the way of God”, “this is the perfect plan of God,” and “there is no other better way.”

If we review the history of the church, in some way the Calvinism, based in the theological approaching of John Calvin during the post Reformation, became to design the “spirit of the capitalism” by creating a doctrine of discipline (rules of obedience) to the new system in order to abolish the old order, the feudalism, that was trying to perpetuate its hegemony in Europe hold it by the hands of the “Lords” of the land. The spirit of “discipline,” similar to submission and obedience, was the strong point of view of evangelical doctrine for “salvation,” which was spread it out by Dutch colonies to South Africa, where later became to build the “apartheid,” and the New World- slavery-system of Africans.

See: Max Weber, “The Protestant Ethic, and the spirit of capitalism,” 1948; 1950.

We must discuss more about this statement by reading Max Weber book.

Today, the doctrine of prosperity has been designed to promote capitalism, while is an instrument of punishing believers for being “lack of faith”  “sinners,” “unfaithful,” for never giving enough money to “god” represented by preachers, fundamental churches, and “prophets” of the evangelical-capitalistic “gospel.” This machinery systemically pushes the mass of poor to learn, to assume, to repeat, to embody that “God” never would help them to prosper because they are disobedient and un-submitted believers; putting the whole responsibility on the unconscious soul and shoulders of the poor, stated that the system is not the problem and capitalism is the perfect plan of God.

Maybe is in above mentioned doctrines that we can push hard to make it match, but we know this theological approaching is a manipulative use of God’s will, using biblical text out of context as pretext to abuse of the innocence of believers.

During the last century the western international community experienced the most acute dominion of the capitalism in many of its different forms around this world’ side; specifically after the Second World War, together with the eruption of the imperialism, and in controversial “cold-war” opposing the arising of the “iron-curtains” of URSS. /

The presence of the neo-liberalism in Latin American resulted in the derivation of a long term list of foreign intervention, coups in Latin American government, political dominion, dictatorship imposed in South and Central America, assassination of many progressive leaders, the embargo to Cuba, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica for rejecting submission to IMF, and imperial plan to establish control on those countries between 1960 and 1984, just to establish the exploitation of lands, minas, oil, cheap labor of poor, imposing rules, control, where the only one beneficiary were the Corporations, like United Fruit Co., Oil Companies Corporations, between many “free” trades that impoverished our countries and produced the emigrations of 52 million of people to USA, during the last 35 years, as never happened before in human history, and in nowhere land.

How to match injustices with the justice of God?


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