Facilitators of Life !

Facilitators of Life is a page open to a dialogue with brothers and sister of all age, culture, ethnic, and preferences of life. Our goal is to talk about spiritual issues present in our daily journey as persons, families, and communities members, in USA and other latitudes. We have the privilege to live in the beginning of XXI Century, where everything happens almost instantaneously in history, technology, science, etc, and we would like to approach with you, including your thoughts the how to enrich our learning to improve our mankind relationship in the midst of diversities, for facing together the destiny to live together in the same world and guarantee justice, love and peace to present and future generations.

This is a spiritual challenge for everyone who believe in the power of love to transform political, social, cultural areas that are already worn-out, but sustained with arguments and practices that do not give more, lacking hope and happiness to the most.

This is a place to discuss if we want to be Facilitators of Life!